Rob Kirkner

is a Front-end Web Developer specializing in User-Centric Interface Design, Data Visualization, and CMS implementation.

designs beautiful websites and highly informative graphics.

Simplify This

“When we know a lot about a field it becomes really tough for us to imagine what it’s like not to know what we know—that’s the curse of knowledge.”

— Chip Heath


Freelance Web Designer

(June 2014–Present)
  • The Committee to Elect Catherine Pugh
  • Indigenous America Documentary Film
  • Thai’s Corner Restaurant
  • Citizens for Carl Stokes

Digital Media Intern, PTC International Inc.

(May 2016–August 2016)

Digital Designer, Weber-Shandwick Baltimore

(August 2016–Present)

“People are much more impressed, whether they realize it or not, by your potential than by your track record.”
—Heidi Grant


UB Cyber Security Contest

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Website, Graphics, Writing, Award Winning

Pugh For Mayor TV Spot

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Motion Graphics, Video, Art Direction

Make-A-Ball Social Media

view work

Social Media, Blog, Writing

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Website, Typography, Wordpress

The Spaces at 509

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Poster, Typography, Pro-Bono

Learn New Skills

"What you really need is genuine passion! If you don’t believe the message you’re delivering, at some point your body cues will leak the truth. (paraphrase)"
—Carol Kinsey Goman


My Kind of Snow Day

6 hours in the snow. 12 hours post-production.

A friend and I braved the worst of the 2016 blizzard to capture the wonder of Baltimore in the snow. We worked through the night and had the video clip ready for the Morning News.

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